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Baco, AR; Clark, AM; Shank, TM Six microsatellite loci from the deep-sea coral Corallium lauuense (Octocorallia: Coralliidae) from the islands and seamounts of the Hawaiian archipelago 2006 Molecular Ecology Notes 6 147-149 details   openurl
Baco-Taylor, A., A. Rowden, L. Levin, C. Smith & D. Bowden Initial characterization of cold seep faunal communities on the New Zealand margin 2009 Marine Geology (in press) details   doi
Baco-Taylor, A; Sellanes, J; Levin, L; Rowden, A; Smith, C RENEWZ review – Biogeographic affinities of NZ seep fauna (RENEWZ) In Prep details   openurl
Baczewska A Biological and ecological characteristic of planktonic ostracods from Svalbard waters. 2009 MS Thesis details   openurl
Baez, P.; Sellanes, J. New record of Scalpellum projectum (Crustacea: Cirripedia: Thoracica: Scalpellidae) for the continental slope of Chile and its relation with methane seeps 2009 Latin American Journal of Marine Sciences 37 247-251 details   openurl
Bager, M.; Holm, P. The Sea as research area – Marine environmental history in Denmark 2006 Miljøhistorie over grænser details   openurl
Bager, M.; Holm, P. Havet som forskningsfelt: Vinkler på marin miljøhistorie i Danmark. I. Miljöhistoria över gränser 2006 Skrifter med historiska perspektiv 81-96 details   isbn
Bager, M.; Søndergaard, M.; MacKenzie, B. R. The development of fisheries at Bornholm, Denmark (Baltic Sea) fisheries during 1880-1914 Fisheries Research 87 146-154 details   doi
Baguley, J.G.; Montagna, P.A.; Hyde, L.J.; Rowe, G.T. Metazoan meiofauna biomass, grazing, and weight-dependent respiration in the Northern Gulf of Mexico deep sea 2008 Deep-Sea Research II 55 2607-2616 details   url
Bailey, G.; J. Barrett; O. Craig; N. Milner Historical ecology of the North Sea basin: An archaeological perspective and some problems of methodology 2008 Human Impacts on Ancient Marine Ecosystems: A global perspective 216-242 details   url
Bailey, H., Shillinger, G., Palacios, D, Bograd, S., Spotila, J., Paladino, F., Block, B. Identifying and comparing phases of movement by leatherback turtles using state-space models 2008 Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 356 128-135 details   openurl
Bailey, H; Mate, BR; Palacios, DM; Irvine, L; Bograd, SJ; Costa, DP Behavioural estimation of blue whale movements in the Northeast Pacific from state-space model analysis of satellite tracts 2010 Endangered Species Research 10 93-106 details   openurl
Baker DJ; Yarincik, K Census of Marine Life: Contributions to GEO Societal Benefit Areas 2007 The first 100 steps to GEOSS: Annex of early achievements to the GEO Report on Progress 2007 178-179 details   url
Baker MC, Ramirez-Llodra E, Tyler PA, German CR, Boetius A, Cordes E, Dubilier, N, Fisher C, Levin L, Metaxas A, Rowden A, Santos RS, Shank T, Van Dover CL, Young C, Warén A Biogeography, ecology and vulnerability of chemosynthetic ecosystems in the deep sea. 2010 In McIntyre A, ed. Census of Marine Life. Wiley Blackwell details   openurl
Baker, DJ; Farmer, D; Yarincik, K The green ocean – observations of marine biodiversity 2007 The Full Picture 267-270 details   url
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