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Aguado, MT; Rouse, GW Nautiliniellidae Miura and Laubier, 1990 (Annelida) from Costa Rica cold seeps and Fiji hydrothermal vents, with the description of four new species 2010 Systematics and Biodiversity In Prep details   openurl
Aguayo-Lobo A, Acevedo R. J, Brito JL, Acuña G. P, Bassoi M, Secchi ER, Dalla Rosa L Presence of the leopard seal, Hydrurga leptonyx (De Blainville, 1820), on the coast of Chile: An example of the Antarctica – South America connection in the marine environment 2011 Oecologia Australis: Antarctic-South American interactions in the marine environment (ASAI) 15 69-85 details   url
Aguilera, Victor; Rubén V. Escribano Reproductive responses of copepod species in the Chilean northern upwelling system: the role of the nanoplankton fraction. 2007 4th International Zooplankton Production Symposium: Human and Climate Forcing of Zooplankton Populations details   openurl
Aguzzi J, Costa C, Furushima Y, Chiesa JJ, Company JB, Menesatti P, Iwase R, Fujiwara, Y Behavioral rhythms of hydrocarbon seep fauna in relation to internal tides 2010 Marine Ecology-Progress Series 418 47-56 details   doi
Ahyong, S. T. New species and new records of hydrothermal vent shrimps from New Zealand (Caridea: Alvinocarididae, Hippolytidae). 2009 Crustaceana 82 775-794 details   openurl
Ahyong, S.T. The Marine Fauna of New Zealand: King Crabs of New Zealand, Australia and the Ross Sea (Crustacea: Decapoda: Lithodidae) 2010 NIWA Biodiversity Memoir 123 196p details   isbn
Ahyong, S.T. Deepwater crabs from seamounts and chemosynthetic habitats off eastern New Zealand (Crustacea: Decapoda: Brachyura) 2008 Zootaxa 1708 1-72 details   openurl
Ahyong, S.T. Decapod Crustacea collected by the NORFANZ Expedition: Galatheidae and Polychelidae 2007 Zootaxa 1593 154 details   openurl
Ahyong, S.T.; Chan, T.Y. Polychelidae from the Bohol and Sulu Seas collected by PANGLAO 2005 (Crustacea: Deapoda: Polychelidae) 2008 The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology Supplement 19 63-70 details   openurl
Aileen, Tan S. H. The marine biodiversity in the South China Sea. 2004 Bulletin the School of Biological Sciences, Universiiti Sains Malaysia 7 18-20 details   openurl
Akveld, L.M.; Broeze, F.; Gaastra, F.S.; Jackson, G; Morzer Bruyns, W.M.F. (Eds.) het kielzog. Maritiem-historische studies aangeboden aan Jaap R. Bruijn, bij zijn vertrek als hoogleraar zeegeschiedenis aan de Universiteit Leiden, Amsterdam 2003 De Bataafsche Leeuw 282-88 details   openurl
Al-Sabouni, N., Kucera, M., Schmidt, D.N. Vertical niche separation control of diversity and size disparity in planktonic foraminifera 2007 Marine Micropaleontology 63 75-90 details   openurl
Alan Williams, Franziska Althaus, Nicholas Bax (ed) A review and survey of the Tasmanian Seamounts Marine Reserve and other soon to be declared Marine Reserves, to provide inventories of biodiversity and habitats, and develop operational detail for monitoring and performance assessment 2008 details   openurl
Alan Williams, Nicholas Bax, Rudy Kloser, Franziska Althaus, Bruce Barker and Gordon Keith Australia抯 deepwater reserve network – implications of false homogeneity for classifying abiotic surrogates of biodiversity 2008 ICES Journal of Marine Science details   openurl
Alasdair McIntyre (ed) Life in the World's Oceans: Diversity, Distribution and Abundance 2010 384 details   url
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