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Barnes, D.K.A.; Griffiths, H.J. Biodiversity and biogeography of southern temperate and polar bryozoans 2007 Global Ecology and Biogeography 070730045917002 details   url
Barnes, D.K.A.; Kaiser, S.; Griffiths, H.J.; Linse, K. Marine, intertidal, freshwater and terrestrial biodiversity of an isolated polar archipelago 2009 Journal of Biogeography 36 756-769 details   url
Barnes, D.K.A; Kuklijski, P; Wlodarska-Kowalczuk, M. Richness, abundance and shell use of subarctic and arctic hermit crabs 2007 Marine Biology 152 1133-1142 details   openurl
Barnes, N; Debenham, NJ; Glover, AG; Lambshead, PJD; Smith, CR; Ferrero, TJ Successional assemblages on deep-sea wale-falls: Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning of the nematode assemblage and its similarities with the macrofauna 2010 In Prep details   openurl
Barrett, J.; C. Johnstone; J. Harland; W. Van Neer; A. Ervynck; D. Detecting the medieval cod trade: A new method and first results 2008 Journal of Archaeological Science 34 850-861 details   openurl
Barrowman, NJ & Myers, RA Raindrop Plots: A New Way to Display Collections of Likelihoods and 2003 The American Statistician 57 1-6 details   openurl
Barrowman, NJ; Myers, RA; Hilborn, R; Kehler, DG; Field, CA The variability among populations of coho salmon in the maximum reproductive rate and depensation 2003 Ecological Applications 13 784-793 details   openurl
Bartsch, I. Halacaridae (Arachnida: Acari) from the depths of western Antarctica. Senckenbergiana biologica 85 31-41 details   openurl
Batta Lona, P. G., A. Bucklin, N. J. Copley, and P. H. Wiebe Applications of DNA barcodes for Antarctic krill: SS-PCR and mitochondrial SNPs 2009 International Conference for the Consortium for the Barcode of Life, Mexico City details   openurl
Batta-Lonaa, PG, A Bucklin, PH Wiebe, T Patarnelloc, and NJ Copley Population genetic variation of the southern ocean krill, Euphausia superba, in the western Antarctic Peninsula region using Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) 2011 Deep-Sea Research II in press Online First details   doi
Baukus, A. Importance of Internal Waves for the Distribution, Density and Trophic Dynamics of Euphausiids on a Small Offshore Bank 2008 52 pp details   pdf openurl
Baum J.K., Worm B. Recent advances in understanding cascading effects of changing oceanic predator abundances 2008 Journal of Applied Ecology In Review details   openurl
Baum, J; McPherson, J; Myers, R. Farming need not replace fishing if stocks are rebuilt 2005 Nature 26 details   openurl
Baum, JK and Meyers RA Shifting baselines and the decline of pelagic sharks 2004 Ecology Letters 7 135145 details   openurl
Baum, JK, Worm, B. Cascading top-down effects of changing oceanic predator abundances 2009 Journal of Animal Ecology 78 699-714 details   doi
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