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Baum, JK; Myers, RA; Kehler, DG; Worm, B; Harley, SJ; Doherty, PA Collapse and Conservation of Shark Populations in the Northwest Atlantic 2003 Science 299 389-392 details   openurl
Bay, K. L., Caley, M. J., and Crozier, R. H. Meta-populations structure in a coral reef fish demonstrated by genetic data on patterns of migration, extinction and re-colonization. 2008 BMC Evolutionary Biology 8 248 details   openurl
Bay, K. L., Crozier, R. H. and Caley, M. J. The relationship between gene flow and pelagic larval duration in eight species of Pomacentrid fishes on the Great Barrier Reef. Marine Biology 149 1247-1256 details   openurl
Bay, L. K., Buchler, K., Gagliano, M. and Caley, M. J. Intraspecific variation in the pelagic larval duration of tropical reef fishes. 2006 Journal of Fish Biology 69 1206-1214 details   openurl
Bayartogtokh, B; Chatterjee, T; Chan, BKK; Ingole, B New Species of Marine Littoral Mites (Acari: Oribatida) from Taiwan and India, with a Key to World Species of Fortuynia and Notes on their Distribution 2009 Zoological Studies 48 243-261 details   openurl
Beaumont, K; Nash, G; Davidson, A. Ultrastructure, morphology and flux of microzooplankton faecal pellets in an east Antarctic fjord 2002 Marine Ecology Progress Series 245 133-148 details   openurl
Beazley, L. Reproductive Strategy as the Determinate of Spatial Structure of Deep-Water Corals in the Northeast Channel 2008 details   openurl
Beck, C; Bowen, W; Iverson, S. Seasonal Changes in Buoyancy and diving behaviour of adult grey seals 2000 The Journal of Experimental Biology 203 2323-2330 details   openurl
Bekker-Nielsen, T The one that got away: a reassessment of the Agoranomos inscription from Chersonesos (VDI 1947, 245) 2007 The Black Sea in Antiquity: Regional and interregional economic exchanges Black Sea Studies 6 396 pp (123-132) details   url
Benedetti-Cecchi, L Environmental variability in hard bottom assemblages: Analysis and ecological implications 2008 Ecology of Benthic Communities details   openurl
Benedetti-Cecchi, L Biodiversity and sampling design 2007 Sampling Biodiversity in Coastal Communities: NaGISA Protocols for Seagrass and Macroalgal Habitats 7-10 details   openurl
Benedetti-Cecchi, L Understanding the consequences of changing biodiversity on rocky shores: how much have we learned from past experiments? 2006 Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 338 193-204 details   openurl
Benedetti-Cecchi, L Unanticipated impacts of spatial variance of biodiversity on plant productivity 2005 Ecology Letters 8 791-799 details   openurl
Benedetti-Cecchi, L; Bertocci, I; Vaselli, S; Maggi Temporal variance reverses the ecological impact of high mean intensity of stress in climate change experiments 2006 Ecology 87 2489-2499 details   openurl
Benedetti-Cecchi, L; Bertocci, I; Vaselli, S; Maggi, E; Bulleri, F Neutrality and the response of rare species to environmental variance 2008 PLoS ONE 3 e2777 details   doi
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