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Benedetti-Cecchi, L; Iken, K; Konar, B; Cruz-Motta, J; Knowlton, A; Pohle, G; Castelli, A; Tamburello, L; Mead, A; Trott, T; Miloslavich, P; Wong, M; Shirayama, Y; Ladricci, C; Palomo, G; Maggi, E Spatial relationships between polychaete assemblages and environmental variables over broad geographical scales 2010 PLoS ONE 5 e12946 details   doi
Benedetti-Cecchi, L; Maggi, E; Bertocci, I; Vaselli, E; Micheli, F; Osio, GC; Cinelli, F Variation in rocky shore assemblages in the north-western Mediterranean: contrasts between islands and the mainland 2003 Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 293 193-215 details   openurl
Benedetti-Cecchi, L; Osio, GC Replication and mitigation of effects of confounding variables in environmental impact assessment: an example with marinas and assemblages of rocky seashores 2007 Marine Ecology Progress Series 334 21-35 details   openurl
Benedetti-Cecchi, L; Vaselli, S; Maggi; Bertocci, I Interactive effects of spatial variance and mean intensity of grazing on algal cover in rock pools 2005 Ecology 86 2212-2222 details   openurl
Benn, AR; Weaver, PP; Billet, DSM; van den Hove, S; Murdock, AP; Doneghan, GB; Le Bas, T Human activities on the deep seafloor in the North East Atlantic: An assessment of spatial extent 2010 PLoS ONE 5 e12730 details   doi
Benzie JAH and Wakeford M Genetic structure of crown-of-thorns starfish (Acanthaster planci) on the Great Barrier Reef, Australia: comparison of two sets of outbreak populations occurring ten years apart 1997 Marine Biology 129 149-157 details   openurl
Berge, J; Vader, W Two new Antarctic stegocephalid (Amphipoda: Stegocephalidae: Stegocephalinae) species, with implications for the phylogeny and classification of the two genera Pseudo and Schellenbergia 2004 Deep-Sea Research II 51 1709-1716 details   doi
Berge, J; Vader, W; Lockhart, S A survey of amphipod associates of sea urchins, with description of new species in the genera Lepidepecreella (Lysianassoidea: lepidepecreellid group) and Notopoma (Photoidea: Ischyroceridae) from Antarctic cidarids 2004 Deep-Sea Research II 51 1717-1731 details   doi
Berger, M.A. and C.M. Young Physiological response of the cold-seep mussel Bathymodiolus childressi to acutely elevated temperature. 2006 Marine Biology 149 1397-1402 details   openurl
Bergquist, D., C. Fleckenstein, J. Knisel, B. Begley, I. MacDonald & C. Fisher Variations in seep mussel bed communitites along physical and chemical environmental gradients 2005 Marine Ecology Progress Series 293 99-108 details   doi
Bergquist, D., J. Eckner, I. Urcuyo, E. Cordes, S. Hourdez, S. Macko & C. Fisher Using stable isotopes and quantitative community characteristics to determine a local hydrothermal vent food web 2007 Marine Ecology Progress Series 330 49-65 details   openurl
Bergstad O.A. Exploring the Mid-Atlantic Ridge macro and megafaunal communities 2008 Ocean Science Meeting, Orlando, Florida 2-7 March 2008 Meeting Abstract details   openurl
Bergstad, O. A., G. Menezes, and Å. Høines Demersal fish on a mid-ocean ridge: distribution patterns and structuring factors. 2008 Deep-Sea Research II 55 185-202 details   doi
Bergstad, O. A., Menezes, G., Høines, Å. Demersal fish on a mid-ocean ridge: distribution patterns and structuring factors 2008 Deep-Sea Research II 55 17 details   doi
Bergstad, O.A, Falkenhaug, T., Asthorsson, O., Byrkjedal, I., Gebruk, A. V., Piatkowski, U., Priede, I.G., Santos, R. S., Vecchione, M. Lorance, P., Gordon, J.D.M. Towards improved understanding of the diversity and abundance patterns of the mid-ocean ridge macro- and megafauna 2008 Deep-Sea Research II 55 5 details   doi
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