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Blachowiak-Samolyk K., Kwasniewski S, Hop H., Falk-Petersen S. Magnitude of mesozooplankton variability: A case study from the Marginal Ice Zone of the Barents Sea in spring 2008 Journal of Plankton Research 30 311-323 details   openurl
Blachowiak-Samolyk K., Kwasniewski S., Dmoch K., Hop H., Falk-Petersen Trophic structure of zooplankton in the Fram Strait in spring and autumn 2003. 2007 Deep-Sea Research II 54 2716-2728 details   openurl
Blachowiak-Samolyk K., Søreide J.E., *Kwasniewski S., Sundfjord A., Hop H., Falk-Petersen S., Hegseth E.N. Hydrodynamic control of mesozooplankton abundance and biomass in northern Svalbard waters (79-81oN) 2008 Deep-Sea Research II 55 2210–2224 details   doi
Blachowiak-Samolyk, K., Kwasniewski, S., Hop, H. and Falk-Petersen, S. Magnitude of mesozooplankton variability: a case study from the Marginal Ice Zone of the Barents Sea In Spring 2008 Journal of Plankton Research 30 311- 323 details   openurl
Blachowiak-Samolyk, K; Kwasniewski, S; Richardson, K; Dmoch, K; Hansen; E; Hop, H; Falk-Petersen, S; Mouritsen, L.T. Arctic zooplankton do not perform diel vertical migration (DVM) during periods of midnight sun 2006 MARINE ECOLOGY PROGRESS SERIES 308 101-116 details   openurl
Black, B; Schroeder, ID; Sydeman, WJ; Bograd, SJ; Lawson, P Wintertime ocean conditions synchronize rockfish growth and seabird reproduction in the central California current ecosystem 2010 Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 67 1149-1158 details   openurl
Blake, JA; Narayanaswamy, BE Benthic infaunal communities across the Weddell Sea Basin and South Sandwich Slope, Antarctica 2004 Deep-Sea Research II 51 1797-1815 details   doi
Blakeslee, A.M.H., C.H. McKenzie, J.A. Darling, J.E. Byers, J.M. Pringle, and J. Roman A hitchhiker’s guide to the Maritimes: anthropogenic transport facilitates long-distance dispersal of an invasive marine crab to Newfoundland. 2010 Diversity and Distributions 16 879-891 details   url
BLAKESLEE, APRIL M. H.; BYERS, JAMES E.; LESSER, MICHAEL P. Solving cryptogenic histories using host and parasite molecular genetics: the resolution of Littorina littorea's North American origin 2008 Molecular Ecology 17 3684-3696 details   doi
Blanco-Bercial, L., A. Bucklin, F. Álvarez-Marqués Spatial population genetic structure and phylogeography of two species of the copepod genus Clausocalanus. 2007 4th International Zooplankton Production Symposium: Human and Climate Forcing of Zooplankton Populations details   openurl
Blanco-Bercial, L; Nigro, LM; Bucklin, A Multivariate Cutoff Level Analysis (MultiCoLA) of large community data sets 2010 In Prep details   openurl
Blank, J.M., Farwell, C.J., Morrissett, J.M., Schallert, R.J., Block, B.A. Influence of Swimming Speed on Metabolic Rates of Juvenile Pacific Bluefin Tuna and Yellowfin Tuna 2007 Physiological and Biochemical Zoology 80 167-177 details   openurl
Blank, J.M., Morrissette, J.M., Farwell, C.J., Price, M., Schallert, R.J., Block, B.A. Temperature effects on metabolic rate of juvenile Pacific bluefin tuna Thunnus orientalis 2007 The Journal of Experimental Biology 210 4254-4261 details   openurl
Blazewicz-Paskowycz, M. & Zemko, K. A new species of Metatanais Shiino, 1952 (Crustacea, Tanaidacea, Paratanaoidea) from Australian coral reefs, with a redefinition of the genus. 2009 ZooKeys 18 129-141 details   openurl
Blazewicz-Paszkowycz Diversity of Tanaidacea (Crustacea: Peracarida) in the world's oceans – How far have we come? PLoS ONE In prep details   openurl
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