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  Author (up) Title Year Publication Volume Pages Links
Bluhm BA, Gradinger R Regional variability in food availability for Arctic marine mammals 2008 Ecological Applications 18 Suppl 77-96 details   url
Bluhm BA, Gradinger R, Hopcroft RR Editorial – Arctic Ocean Diversity: synthesis 2011 Marine Biodiversity 41 1-4 details   doi
Bluhm BA, Gradinger R, Hüttmann F, Hopcroft RR, Gebruk A, Sirenko BI Arctic Ocean Diversity – A Census of Marine Life project in the Arctic 2008 Biologie in Unserer Zeit 38 40-49 details   openurl
Bluhm BA, Gradinger R, Piraino S First record of sympagic hydroids (Hydrozoa, Cnidaria) in Arctic coastal fast ice. 2007 Polar Biology DOI 10.1007/s00300-007-0316-9 details   openurl
Bluhm BA, Gradinger RR, Schnack-Schiel SB Sea ice meio- and macrofauna 2010 Sea Ice, Second Edition 357-393 (Ch10) details   doi
Bo Poulsen Historical exploitation of North Sea herring stocks. An environmental history of the Dutch herring fisheries, c. 1600-1860 2006 details   openurl
Bo Poulsen On the Impact of Natural and Manmade Disasters: The Limfjord Herring Fishery 2005 Bridging Troubled Waters: Conflict and Co-operation in the North Sea Region since 1550 details   openurl
Bo, M., Bertolino, M., Borghini, M., Castellano, M., Covazzi Harriague, A., et al. Characteristics of the Mesophotic Megabenthic Assemblages of the Vercelli Seamount (North Tyrrhenian Sea) 2011 PLoS ONE 6 e16357 details   doi
Bodley, K; van Polanen Petel, T; Gales, N. Immobilisation of free-living Weddell seals Leptonychotes weddellii using midazolam and isoflurane 2005 Polar Biology 28 631-636 details   openurl
Boehlert, G.W.; Costa, D.P.; Crocker, D.E.; Green, P.; O'Brien, T.; Levitus, S; LeBoeuf, B.J. Autonomous Pinniped Environmental Samplers: Using Instrumented Animals as Oceanographic Data Collectors 2001 Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology 18 18821893 details   doi
Boetius, A. et al. Microbiological and biogeochemical processes building a food web based on natural asphalt and oil leakage from the deep Gulf of Mexico (draft title) 2010 In Prep details   openurl
Bograd, S. J., Foley, D. G., Schwing, F. B., Wilson, C., Laurs, R. M., Polovina, J. J., Howell, E. A. and Brainard, R. E. On the seasonal and interannual migrations of the transition zone chlorophyll front. 2004 Geophysical Research Letters 31 details   doi
Bograd, S.J., Barbara A. Block, Daniel P. Costa, Brendan J. Godley Biologging technologies: new tools for conservation. Introduction 2010 Endangered Species Research 10 1-7 details   doi
Bograd, S.J., Castro, C.G., Di Lorenzo, E., Palacios, D.M., Bailey, H., Gilly, W., Chavez, F.P. Oxygen declines and the shoaling of the hypoxic boundary in the California Current 2008 Geophysical Research Letters 35 details   openurl
Bograd, S.J., Schroeder, I., Sarkar, N., Qiu, X., Sydeman, W.J., Schwing, F.B. Phenology of coastal upwelling in the California Current 2009 Geophysical Research Letters 36 details   openurl
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