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Bornemann, H.; Kreyscher, M.; Ramdohr, S.; Martin, T.; Carlini, A.; Sellmann, L.; Plotz, J. Southern elephant seal movements and Antarctic sea ice 2004 Antarctic Science 12 details   url
Bortolotto, E; Bucklin, A; Zane, L; Patarnello, T Genetic differentiation and demographic history of the Antarctic krill Euphausia superba inferred from mitochondrial and microsatellite markers 2010 BMC Biology In Press details   openurl
Bouchet, P., Rocroi, J.-P., Fryda, J., Hausdorf, B., Ponder, W.F., Valdes, A. & Warén, A. Classification and nomenclator of Gastropod families. 2005 Malacologia 47 1-397. details   openurl
Bouchet, P.; Lozouet, P.; Sysoev, A. An inordinate fondness for turrids 2009 Deep-Sea Research II 56 1724-1731 details   url
Boudier, T., Lechaire, J. P., Frebourg, G., Messaoudi, C., Mory, C., Colliex, C., Gaill, F., Marco, S. A public software for energy filtering transmission electron tomography (EFTET-J): application to the study of granular inclusions in bacteria from Riftia pachyptila. 2005 Journal of Structural Biology. 151 151-159 details   openurl
Bouloubassi, I.; Nabais, E.; Pancost, R.D.; Lorre, A.; Taphanel, M.-H. First biomarker evidence for methane oxidation at cold seeps in the Southeast Atlantic (REGAB pockmark) 2009 Deep-Sea Research II In Press, Corrected Proof details   url
Boumann H.,; Longo M.,; Stroeve P,; Jetten, M.S.M.; Poolman B.,; Sinninghe Damst‚, J.S.; Schouten, S. Biophysical properties of ladderane lipids derived from anammox bacteria 2007 Chemistry and Physics of Lipids 149 S11-S11 details   openurl
Bourmaud, CAF; Abouidane, A; Boissier, P; Leclere, L; Mirault, E; Pennober, G Coastal and marine biodiversity of La Reunion 2005 Indian Journal of Marine Sciences 34 98-103 details   openurl
Boustany, A.M., Davis, S.F., Pyle, P., Anderson, S.D., Le Boeuf, B.J., Block, B.A. Satellite tagging: Expanded niche for white sharks 2002 Nature 415 35-36 details   openurl
Boustany, AM; Davis, SF; Pyle, P; Anderson, SD; Le Boeuf, BJ; Block, BA Satellite tagging: Expanded niche for white sharks 2002 Nature 412 35-36 details   openurl
Boustany, AM; Mattenson, R; Castleton, M; Farwell, C; Block, BA Movements of Pacific bluefin tuna (Thunnus orientalis) in the eastern North Pacific revealed with archival tags 2010 Progress in Oceanography 86 94-104 details   doi
Bowden, D.A., S. Schiaparelli, M.R. Clark, G.J. Rickard A lost world? Archaic crinoid-dominated assemblages on an Antarctic seamount 2011 Deep-Sea Research II 58 119-127 details   doi
Bowman, J.P.; McCammon, S.A.; Brown, M.V.; Nichols, D.S.; McMeekin, T.A. Diversity and association of psychrophilic bacteria in Antarctic sea ice 1997 Applied and Environmental Microbiology 63 3068-3078 details   url
Bowman, J; McCammon, S; Gibson, J; Robertson, L; Nichols, P. Prokaryotic Metabolic Activity and Community Structure in Antarctic Continental Shelf Sediments 2003 Applied and Environmental Microbiology 69 2448-2462 details   openurl
Bowman, J; McCuaig, R. Biodiversity, Community Structural Shifts, and Biogeography of Prokaryotes within Antarctic Continental Shelf Sediment 2003 Applied and Environmental Microbiology 69 2463–2483 details   openurl
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