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C.L. Van Dover, C.R. Smith, J. Ardron, D. Dunn, K. Gjerde, L. Levin, S. Smith Designating networks of chemosynthetic ecosystem reserves in the deep sea 2012 Marine Policy 36 378-381 details   doi
Wafar, M., K. Venkataraman, B. Ingole, S. Ajmal Khan, P. LokaBharathi State of Knowledge of Coastal and Marine Biodiversity of Indian Ocean Countries 2011 PLoS ONE 6 e14613 details   doi
Mellin, C., S. Delean, J. Caley, G. Edgar, M. Meekan, R. Pitcher, R. Przeslawski, A. Williams, C. Bradshaw Effectiveness of Biological Surrogates for Predicting Patterns of Marine Biodiversity: A Global Meta-Analysis 2011 PLoS ONE 6 e20141 details   doi
Ellis, SL, LS Incze, P Lawton, H Ojaveer, BR MacKenzie, CR Pitcher, TC Shirley, M Eero, JW Tunnell, Jr., PJ Doherty, and B Zeller Four regional marine biodiversity studies: Approaches and contributions to ecosystem-based management 2011 PLoS ONE 6 e18997 details   doi
Decker et al. Phylogenetic relationships among cold-seep vesicomyid bivalves from the Gulf of Guinea and their western Atlantic and Pacific counterparts 2011 PLoS ONE Submitted, awaiting revision details   openurl
Zuckerberg, B, F. Huettmann and J. Friar Proper Data Management as a Scientific Foundation for Reliable Species Distribution Modeling (Chapter 3) 2011 Predictive Species and Habitat Modeling in Landscape Ecology 45-70 details   doi
Johnson, CL; Runge, JA; Bucklin, A; Curtis, KA; Durbin, EG; Hare, JA; Incze, LS; Link, J; Melvin, GD; O’Brien, TD; Guelpen, LV Biodiversity and ecosystem function in the Gulf of Maine: Pattern and role of zooplankton and pelagic nekton 2011 PLoS ONE 6 e16491 details   doi
Schiaparelli, S. and R.R. Hopcroft The Census of Antarctic Marine Life: Diversity and change in Southern Ocean Ecosystems 2011 Deep-Sea Research II 58 1-4 details   doi
Balfry, S., Welch, D.W., Atkinson, J., Lill, A., Vincent, S. The Effect of Hatchery Release Strategy on Marine Migratory Behaviour and Apparent Survival of Seymour River Steelhead Smolts (Oncorhynchus mykiss) 2011 PLoS ONE 6 e14779 details   doi
Schrodl, M., J.M. Bohn, N. Brenke, E. Rolan, E. Schwabe Abundance, diversity, and latitudinal gradients of southeastern Atlantic and Antarctic abyssal gastropods 2011 Deep-Sea Research II 58 49-57 details   doi
Andronov VN, Kosobokova KN New species of small, bathypelagic calanoid copepods from the Arctic Ocean: Brodskius arcticus sp. nov. (Tharybidae) and three new species of Pertsovius gen. nov. (Discoidae) 2011 Zootaxa 2809 33–46 details   url
Li, WKW, RA Andersen, DJ Gifford, LS Incze, JL Martin, CH Pilskaln, JN Rooney-Varga, ME Sieracki, WH Wilson, NH Wolff Planktonic microbes in the Gulf of Maine area 2011 PLoS ONE 6 e20981 details   doi
Davies, T; Jonsen, I Identifying non-proportionality of fishery-independent survey data to estimate population trends and assess recovery potential for cusk (Brosme brosme) 2011 Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 68 413-425 details   doi
Pitcher, CR; Lawton, P; Smith, SJ; Ellis, N; Incze, LS; Wei, CL; Greenlaw, M; Wolff, NH; Sameoto, J; Snelgrove, PVR Novel exploration of the role of environmental variables in shaping patterns of seabed biodiversity composition in regional-scale ecosystems 2011 Journal of Applied Ecology Submitted details   openurl
Jackson, G.D. The Development of the Pacific Ocean Shelf Tracking Project within the Decade Long Census of Marine Life 2011 PLoS ONE 6 e18999 details   doi
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